Wading in

River view from UI live in a city named after muddy water. Two slow and silty rivers meander across the Manitoba prairie and meet up in the centre of town. I grew up on the bank of one river, and have recently found myself living on the bank of the other. I knew I missed the water, but I was surprised by the degree to which it felt like my soul had come home.

The water really is muddy. But the riverbank that rises from that mud is full of life and beauty. Full of trees.

Life is pretty muddy too. I am always looking for greater clarity. Trying to wade through the murk and muck to see what’s important. Trying to get somewhere in spite of the meandering. Trying to get somewhere simpler and more authentic than where I started. Hoping, once in a while, to pull something as beautiful as those trees out of my own foundation of silt and clay.

The river and the trees and the prairie sky are my muse. This blog is an attempt to share my musings.

What I hope you find here is a glimpse into what it means to seek clarity when one is a single, working mother, trying to carve out more hours in the day for the things that feed her soul. Like writing. And reading. And long, leisurely walks along the riverbank.


2 thoughts on “Wading in

  1. One of the things I had trouble getting used to after moving to Kookytown from Winnipeg, was the relatively clear water of the rivers which run through this town. To me, rivers were supposed to be muddy!

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