Busy learning

The Daily Prompt is a lofty one today: What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

The snow has finally arrived. We woke this morning to white on the ground. White in the trees. White on the car.

Every errand takes a little longer when you have to stop to scrape the ice off the windshield. When you have to stop to put on your boots. When you have to slow down to accommodate the slippery roads.

And yet, at this time of year things don’t really slow down at all. Rather they start to speed up with an ever accelerating frenzy. Shopping for gifts. School concerts. Seasonal social events. Some years, by the time I rolled up to Christmas I have been practically panting from exhaustion.

I have been very busy this weekend. Too busy to squeeze in even a short walk along the river. Too busy to sit and write. Too busy even to reflect on what I might want to write about.

All of the busy-ness consisted of things I wanted to do. Things I enjoy. With people I love. If I had the weekend to live over, I don’t think I would change anything. And yet, I feel the lack of opportunity for reflection on a cellular level.

The truth is, there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do. Consequently, it is all too easy for me to get snowed under with activities, only to find myself feeling frantic for a few minutes to stop and think about it all.

I don’t think there is one thing I “love most” about myself, but I know I love that I am always learning. I know for certain that I don’t have a “favourite person”– there are too any people who are dear to me for me ever to be able to single one out above the rest– but I do know that my favourite people tend to be the busy ones. They tend to have lots of interests, and be forever venturing out in new and often unexpected directions. They aren’t just busy for busy’s sake. They are busy with a purpose, not just filling their time.  And they are able to balance the busy-ness with quiet and contemplation–with the right amount of reflection time to enable them to mine from their varied experiences the richest gems of learning.

5 thoughts on “Busy learning

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