Guerrilla Aging: Reinventing. Again.

Renee,  who blogs at Life in the Boomer Lane, recently started a  guest-blogging feature she calls Guerrilla Aging: Navigating the Third Half of Life. For a description of her vision for this feature check out this post.

If you are a “woman of a certain age” you should follow Renee’s blog for the Guerrilla Aging feature alone. The bonus treat you will get for doing so is the wry wit of Renee’s own writing!

And today, at Life in the Boomer lane you will find a guest post by me!  Guerrilla Aging: Reinventing. Again..



4 thoughts on “Guerrilla Aging: Reinventing. Again.

  1. There are so many things I can identify with in your article! But for me, instead of artfully hiding the grey, I thought I would shock everyone and just head platinum! Thanks for a great read.

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