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A perfect summer “re-run” — this post was originally written in response to a WordPress  Daily prompt  about anxiety. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ No way was I going outside. I’d been actively avoiding “outside” all summer. My mother must have … Continue reading

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Time clutter

I am going to “unplug” for a few days hiatus from cyberspace, so I have decided to use this as an opportunity to “re-run” a few of my early posts that were originally posted back when my readership consisted largely of my … Continue reading

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Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I’ve always felt that was a good principle to live by. Which is why, on my outing to the amusement park yesterday with my sister’s family, I decided it was … Continue reading

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Rainbows: Turns out Mom was right

The funny thing is, I can’t even remember what the crisis was, but I do remember clearly how upset I felt. I even remember where the conversation took place. I was in my early teens, and we were standing in … Continue reading

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Have a… Day

It’s complicated. And by “it” I mean families. Which is why I find the whole notion of “Mothers’ Day” and “Fathers’ Day” problematic. For some families, it’s an unnecessary guilt trip. I have a good relationship with my mother. Likewise I … Continue reading

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Remembering my tomorrows

It starts at the moment of birth–a date on the calendar is claimed as your own, and year after year the anniversary of that date holds a particular significance for you. As time goes by, you collect other anniversaries. First … Continue reading

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Seeing the whole picture

Albert* was one of the old-timers who sat at the back of the room, moseying their way through high school on the extended plan. To be honest, I suspect that the unspoken consensus among my teacher colleagues was that Albert’s … Continue reading

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