Looking for the light

The solstice is making sense to me in a new way this year. I’ve always noted it in passing– always felt some sense of quiet relief that the days would now begin to lengthen. But it’s always been subsumed by the hectic chaos of Christmas.

I’m trying to slow down the season, along with everything else in my life. Trying to be where I am, and see where I am. Trying to pare away some of the clutter of the season and only keep the parts that are truly of value.

Today is, admittedly, one of the hectic days. But it is hectic in the service of a family tradition that is part of the valued core of the season for me.

Today is also winter solstice. The day the earth’s march into darkness stops, and the light begins to return. I’ve been so aware of the darkness this fall. So many things have happened in my inner  circle and in the wider circles of my world that have made me feel the darkness more acutely. I can scarcely stand to listen to the news, not sure that I can listen to another tale of injustice or brutality. I can’t walk past a Christmas display in a shopping mall without wondering about the lives of the sweatshop workers that produced the glitter and tinsel. As I tally and re-tally my carefully budgeted Christmas expenditures, I can’t help but think of those for whom Christmas will be another cold day on the street. I hold in my hands and my heart the family, friends and acquaintances for whom this holiday season is coloured by loss and sadness.

The solstice comes not a moment too soon. We all need the light to return.

6 thoughts on “Looking for the light

  1. I don’t know anything about you, so please don’t get me wrong:
    One single person cannot change the world. But one single person can be part of a big change. I also don’t want anyone to suffer from anything. But I try to do what I think makes sense to me. It often feels better when we actively help. For example we can go out and gift people anonimously from whom we know they don’t have much for living. Or we can go out and do provide food or some other needed things for homeless people. There is so much we can do right in front of our door. As I said, one person cannot change the world, but one person can be another candle that makes the darkness brighter!

  2. This time of year is hard for me, for the exact reasons you wrote. May the return of the light brighten lives in our oh so messed up world. And hopefully we can each be a bit brighter, too.

  3. Teresa

    Amen. I struggle with the darkness of the days more and more each year. Even tried a SAD light this year, but it irritated my eyes. Sigh.

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