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Packing up

We are all at the lake for the May long weekend. My mom. My sister Joan and her family. Me. My girls. And my eldest daughter’s new partner, who has bravely taken on “meeting the family” in this rather intense, … Continue reading

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Envirothon: A Mom’s-eye view

My kid knows her fish. She can tell a walleye from a goldeye, and a lake trout from a brook trout. My kid can use the word “riparian” correctly in a sentence. Whereas some families have collections of signed baseballs … Continue reading

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Office Hours

A true story from early in my teaching career. Sometimes, students need things from us that we simply do not have to give. Names have been changed (except mine). ~   ~    ~   ~    ~   ~    ~   ~    ~   ~    ~ … Continue reading

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Summer often brings with it the chance to reconnect with old longstanding friends, and in August I was fortunate to make a few such connections. As often happens, these visits inspired me to haul out my high school yearbooks. Once you get past … Continue reading

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You are here

In my defense, I was just the driver. Someone else was supposed to be navigating. And it was dark. Plus, we were all a little flustered after the kerfuffle at the car rental agency over our botched booking. But we … Continue reading

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I go walking: Day’s end

I have finally touched down after ten days of swirling in a self-imposed tornado of Doing.  Too. Much. I knew I would overdo it, in the same way I know I will always eat just a bit too much at … Continue reading

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Aunt Molly’s School of Sensible Housekeeping

When I was in my twenties, new to a busy teaching career and newly married, I remember having a conversation about housework with an older colleague. The conversation went something like this: Me:      How do you ever manage to get everything … Continue reading

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