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It was never my intention to stop writing. Life just sort of happened. A lot of life, to be honest. It’s been a summer– and fall– of big transitions. Endings and beginnings. Inner transformations and outward changes, some planned and … Continue reading

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My kitchen sink is acting up again. After a couple of doses of peel-your-flesh-off toxic drain cleaner we had it behaving nicely for quite a while. But the other day it once again started to do that “I’ll finish draining … Continue reading

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Slow Down

There was a moment a few weeks ago when I came very close to standing in the middle of the office and yelling “SLOW DOWN!” I didn’t. Because branch directors aren’t supposed to have temper tantrums. But you can bet … Continue reading

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On breaks, not breaking

It was never my intention to take a break of nearly three weeks from writing here, but it appears that is what I have done. And although I never made a formal commitment to myself (or you) to write according … Continue reading

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Alone sweet home

I was sitting with a group of women, chatting about our plans for the weekend. One woman had made plans to look after her young grandchildren for the day on Saturday. Her daughter had then called to asked if she … Continue reading

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Points of view

I was getting my hair washed. I like getting my hair washed. Note that this is not the same as washing my hair. Washing my hair is a routine, pedestrian chore that goes along with showering and brushing my teeth. … Continue reading

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Recognized, but not that way

The Daily Prompt asks, “As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?” Famous. I wanted to be famous. I blame the acting classes, and the modicum … Continue reading

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